Antivirus Plugins for WordPress Websites

Although WordPress is well maintained and secure, it does have several vulnerabilities that can expose your site and its visitors to malware threats. Hence paying attention to your site’s security is absolutely essential.

Thousands of malwares and viruses are active on the Internet. Websites are required to be protected from the malwares and hackers to avoid all kind of risks for your business and for your customers or clietns. In order to protect your wordpress website, there are many antivirus plugins available on the wordpress. If the websites on the wordpress are not protected enough from the malwares, hosting providers can send warning of removing the website if malwares are found in your website. Web hosting companies take this drastic measure to protect your visitors but also to protect their network. When a hosting provider suspends the account, they normally will send you a list of infected files that were discovered when scanning your site. That list is a good place to start when repairing your website.This is a very critical security issue for your website as well as for your hosting provider.

Malware can be a major issue that removes all credibility and trust from your WordPress site while compromising you and your users. Fortunately, there are several good malware scanners or antivirus plugins are available on the wordpress. Installing those plugins in the beginning of the designing of your website can ensure protection of your website from malwares. Sometime many plugins can have malwares and installing those plugins in your website can infect your entire website.

There are free as well as paid version of most of the antivirus available on the wordpress. Some of the top malware plugins or antivirus plugins available on the wordpress are –

  • BulletProof Security Pro.
  • Acunetix WP Security.
  • WP-DBManager.
  • iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security)
  • WP Antivirus Site Protection (by
  • Wordfence Security.
  • All in One WP Security & Firewall.
  • Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening.

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