Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

Digital market has experienced lot of trends, these latest trends were not only subjected to modifications and alterations but were able to attract and engage the audience. With so many emerging technologies in the market, digital marketers have come up with many opportunities to join with their audience.

From online shopping to net banking to gaming, we are have completely digitalized the ways. The digital marketers or growth hackers, are well aware of which platform and technology are to be used to get the most out of it. 2018 is going to be another year for digital marketing, some trends will be leading the market while others will be wiped out. Let’s take a look at the trends that are expected to have greater prominence in 2018.

Content creation through AI

Content is the king and guess what, it is making its way making it to 2018. Content marketing has been the hero of the 2017 and expected to be in the market for next few years. We have seen many emerging trends in the content creation and marketing it.

The next big trend which is supposed to hit the market is the AI-based content generation. Forbes and Amazon have pushed the envelope by introducing the machine-generated content. The job of humans will be only as editors, they will be required to review the work at different stages. AI has been used to write blogs for websites, social media posts and for generating readable content for the users.

In coming years, marketers will try their hand at the latest trends and tools to leverage their business brand marketing across the globe.

Tools like plagiarism checker will analyse the text for any type of duplication and will improve the quality of the content. Content creation tools will help in generating content based on user’s preference.

Say Hello to Chat Bots

One can never completely get hold of technology. We never know what innovation we might come across our way. When we talk about interaction interfaces, ‘Chat Bots’ has been the biggest advancement in the field. Who would have thought that one day we will chatting with bots?

Chat bots are generally a means of communication with the customers as it gives a better instruction experience to users. We can use them for sending personalized emails, marketing campaigns or direct communication with the customers. Chat bots will help with better performance of the content marketing campaigns.

Chat Bots have become so popular these days, everyone is graciously welcoming them with an open arm. Think of them as just another effective and advanced medium of interaction. Chat Bots are widely used these days and this trend is expected to be continued next year as well.

Voice Search And Digital Assistants

We have been familiar with the concept of ‘Voice Search’ since the time apple introduced Siri on the iPhone in 2011. The other examples of the digital assistants are Cortana for Windows, Alexa for Amazon etc.

These digital assistants and voice search is tremendously used by digital marketers as “searching by voice,” or “voice search,” gives us more options of searching for a thing. Wherein retailers are still trying to cope up with the current challenges as most of the traffic comes through mobile phones.

Digital assistants and voice search is changing the way we used to process information and communicate in coming years. The increase in voice searches will help in creating SEO optimized high quality content which is the future of digital marketing, in other words best SEM and SEO marketing.

The Rise of Visual Search

Visuals have always been an important part of our society and it will continue to rise in 2018. Our brain processes image faster than text. For more faster and more reliable search results, some of the search engines have come up with their own form of visual technology.

Introducing options like stories have proved to bring more engagement as compared to the normal posts. We can use this option to promote short time offers on social media platform like Instagram, Facebook etc. The visual search trend will be rising in the near future as well as it will be responsible for defining the rank of the website.

RankBrain-Machine Learning

Another biggest breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence is machine learning. RankBrain is an application of artificial intelligence that helps Google to process search queries. RankBrain is changing every single day. It mechanically learns queries, dynamically adapt changes and revises SERPs (search engine results pages). RankBrain is a work in progress as it is continuously evolving day by day.

This is used for keyword search and ranking with the help of Google’s algorithms. IT not only gives a better user experience, high-quality content and drives user engagement.

People will be soon accustomed to new changes. As we are moving towards 2018, marketers will be adapting to new changes to stay ahead of the market. Social media marketing, data analytics, video marketing, in-store mobile offers, content marketing and other digital techniques.

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