Essential Digital Public Relations for Startups

Most startups and small businesses cannot afford to hire an advertising or PR agency. They don’t have the money for glossy ads in magazines, or radio or TV commercials or to even create online ad campaigns.

However, thanks to the internet and social media, startups and small business don’t have to spend a lot of money (or even any money, in some cases) to generate positive buzz about their products and services. They can just use one or more of the following 10 cost-effective digital PR strategies.

Reach out to social media influencers

You can ask them to hold a giveaway with you, become a brand ambassador or write about your products or services. This has proven to be an effective and inexpensive way of generating buzz time and time again. Influencer recommendations carry 22 times more weight than recommendations from the ‘average’ customer. It’s an especially effective way to generate buzz amongst millennials, according to a joint study by Twitter and Annalect. Forty percent of respondents stated that they bought something online after they saw an influencer use it.

Join the conversation on Twitter

Twitter is an easy and cost-effective method for building brand awareness, creating buzz and establishing yourself or your brand as a leader in your industry. To get the most out of the platform, you can develop a branded Twitter page, follow at least 50 members of their target audience per month and consistently post valuable content that their targets will find useful.

Companies should also monitor for relevant keywords and hashtags.  Monitoring the conversations people are having about your business, products and industry and jump in if or when appropriate is always an effective for startups. Searching for relevant keywords and hashtags for even 10 minutes a day can help you gain insight into industry trends, one can discover what consumers like and don’t like about ones product and identify media opportunities and prospective customers.

Use Facebook Live

Use Facebook Live live streaming to share free content and get your message out to drive viewers to your website, include a call to action in your Facebook Live video.

Nothing beats video, specially live video, for building rapport and, eventually, revenue for small businesses. And “Facebook has made it super easy for both those filming and those watching, making Live gain in popularity very quickly. Plus, video beats out anything other than paid ads on Facebook for visibility. The trick is to promote your Facebook Live

by scheduling the topic, time and date in advance. This way your fans know when you will be live and to look for the replay if they miss you.

Post on Pinterest and Instagram

This is recommended that small businesses should use infograhpics and Pinterest to promote their business, products and services

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